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We have the experience to take the whole process simple & stress free. We can supply perfect jute bags for your needs printed with a company name or logo.


How is jute made

The Jute fiber comes from the stem & strip (outer skin) of the Jute plant. The filaments are first separated by retting. The retting cycle comprises of packaging Jute stems together & drenching them in moderate running water. There are two kinds of retting; stem & lace. After the retting cycle, stripping starts. In the stripping cycle, non -sinewy issue is scratched off, at that point the specialists dive in and snatch the filaments from inside the Jute stem.


Use of Jute Bags

Jute absorbs huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere & when combined with reduced deforestation it may help reduce or reverse global warming.Today, Jute is considered one of the best substances for making Promotional bag, Shopping bag, Tote bag, Handbag, Grocery bag, Gunny bag, Drawstring bag, Lunch bag etc.In addition to Jute bags being sturdier, greener & longer-lasting, the Jute plant offers many ecological benefits beyond better bags.


Customized jute Bags

It is the least expensive vegetable fiber secured from the bast or skin of the plant's stem. Jute is natural vegetable fiber so can be stitch into any wise shape and size. Jute fiber mixes great with different sorts of filaments and common while tolerating cellulosic colors that incorporate regular, essential, sulfur & shade colors, making agreeable structures. Jute bags are hip & trendy. Printed Jute bags with your brand logo is the perfect promotional tool. .